When it comes to bringing up your baby, there are certain essentials you won't want to be without—and one of them is our snuggly blankets. Whether you're putting your little ones down for a snooze or taking them out in their pram, blankets are a brilliant way to keep them toasty and warm. It also gives them a feeling of security—be it blankets for newborns or toddlers and older, you've come to the right place. 

Newborn blankets

If you're wondering what to give a newborn baby, a blanket makes a beautiful gift. Look at our range of choices in gorgeous designs, including Disney characters and floral prints. You'll find pristine white blankets, soft pinks and cool blues for a pop of colour.

Our range of printed design options is sure to add a fun element to their bedtime essentials. Pop it on the floor and let your little one play for as long as they want. And if you're talking them out, keep their body snug with a borg-lined one. You might need some cute and comfy baby rompers to keep your kid warm and looking stylish. Our multipack sets will kit out their wardrobe in one go and keep them ready for various occasions.

Coddle up your little bundle of joy in a baby sleep sack from our wide range. Super snuggly and cosy, wrap your tot in one of these, place them in their crib and watch as they doze off in comfort. While you're at it, look for our selection of baby slippers too, and complete their outfit. Knitted booties will keep their tiny feet warm and protected. And if you're after a summer option, our T-bar shoes are the way to go.

Warm cot and pram blankets

We have plenty of blankets to keep your baby cosy. Just tuck them in your baby's cot or pram for a comfy time. We've got you covered for baby comforters too. With cuddly stuffed animals and a soft blanket, they're just the thing your baby needs when they wake up from a nap. Check out our wide range of beautiful baby pyjamas in plain and printed designs. Made from breathable cotton to ensure complete comfort for your baby all day.

Pair their pyjamas with a fluffy baby dressing gown for an ideal layer to keep them snug. With this, your little one will be all ready for bedtime. Looking for more clothing to add to their wardrobe? Browse the entire collection and add some adorable new pieces to your little one's cupboard, whether you're after baby sleepsuits or separate tops and bottoms. We've got them all.