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Help your little one gear up for active play with our range of girls’ PE kits. From breathable tops and shorts to joggers and plimsolls, get everything they need in one place. We've put together a fantastic and stylish range full of essentials, so your kid has everything they need for their PE lessons.

Step up their game with our range of girls' school trainers. Designed to keep up with active young feet, they're an excellent blend of fashion and functionality. Whether your kid’s running, playing sports or walking through the halls, our trainers will provide the support they need. After school formals? Check out our collection of girls’ school shoes. With a range of classic and modern styles to choose from, you'll find the pair that complements their school uniform and personal style.

Once your kid’s basic PE essentials are taken care of, look at our stylish uniform collection for a variety of girls’ school dresses that they’ll love. Whether you're after cute pinafore dresses for the summer or ruffle school dresses for a playful look, we've got plenty of choices. If you want skirts and skorts instead, look no further than our selection of girls’ school skirts, including styles such as jersey, gingham, pleated and more.

Get your little one ready to brave the elements with our selection of girls' school jackets and raincoats. Whether it's a sudden shower or a chilly breeze, they'll be prepared to tackle any weather in style. And don’t forget to grab one of our spacious school bags, so your kid can pack everything they need in one place.