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Sleeping Bags & Blankets

Tuck them in for a good night's sleep with our snuggly selection of baby sleeping bags and cosy blankets.

Baby Sleeping Bags

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Baby Sleeping Bags and Blankets

Make sure your little one is as snug as a bug while they sleep with our baby sleeping bags and blankets. Sleeping bags or baby blankets create a cosy environment to help your baby feel comfy whilst they sleep. Our sleeping bags come in a range of togs; look for a lighter tog for summer – a 0.5 tog sleeping bag is the best for warmer months, and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag is perfect for the cooler nights. You’ll find them in sizes ranging from newborn to 6-12 months through to 18-24 months.

0.5 tog sleeping bags for summer

Choose one of our 0.5 togs for warmer nights. They are lightweight and breathable and only add a soft layer of covering– every new mums’ go-to solution when it comes to getting the little ones to sleep during the summer.

1.5 tog sleeping bags for babies

If you’re after something for transitional seasons, something that’s not too warm or too light, go for our 1.5 togs sleeping bags to get the temperature just right. Our extensive variety of sleep bags and shawls for babies feature adorable patterns and colours to choose from. And the best part, you can slip a sleeping bag over all kinds of baby clothes – be it baby bodysuits or rompers.

2.5 tog sleeping bags for winter

Come colder nights, our 2.5 togs sleeping bags are your best bet to give an extra layer of warmth and comfort for your baby and help them nod off with ease. Most sleeping bags come with zipper and popper fastening to get your little one ready for a good night’s sleep.

Fully kit out your new baby’s nightwear with us. If you have a little princess, our baby girl pyjamas are here to keep them cosy all night long. We’ve got them in pretty colours and popping prints – you’ll absolutely love dressing them up for bedtimes. And if you’ve got a handsome little boy, take a look at our collection of baby boy pyjamas. With cute character prints and a neutral colour scheme, your little boy is sure to enjoy all the attractive patterns available.

Why not check out our selection of baby comforters as well to give your tiny one something to cuddle with and help them sleep comfortably throughout the night? They’re a must-have for fussy-sleepers and babies moving into their new room as they help make the transition a bit more fuss-free.