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Womens Sports Bras

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Women’s sports bras 

You want to make sure you’re ready to go when working out, whether you’re running, taking an exercise class or doing yoga, making sure you’re wearing the right gear can make all the difference when you get moving and make you feel comfortable whilst you are breaking a sweat. One important part of your workout gear should be a well-fitting sports bra, so you can keep your chest supported. If you’re looking to pick up your new sports bra, you’ve come to the right place. Our selection of women’s sports bras has got plenty of options for you to choose from to ensure you’re buying your perfect fit. If you’re looking for a high impact style, ideal for running or heavy gym work outs, we’ve got you covered. Need something with a bit of extra support? We’ve got styles with flexi-underwiring to give you that added support, without feeling to uncomfortable. We’ve also got zip front styles for easy fastening that provide a bit of extra support and lift for when you need it most. Some of our styles are designed to give you a seamless stretch, providing you with a discreet and comfortable fit. We also have styles available in a DD+ fit, so you can feel comfortable and supported, no matter what your size.

Ensuring your sports bra fits properly is key, so we’ve got a couple of tips to help you make sure you’re picking the best sports bra for you. Firstly, if the band around the bottom of your sports bra rides up, your bra is too loose, so try going down a size to ensure you’re getting the most support. If the band digs in, your band is too tight, so try going up a size. Secondly, make sure your cup size is correct, this should match your bra size, so try opting for your normal cup size when purchasing. For lighter sports such as yoga, you can also check out at our selection of women’s bras. We have some comfortable and supportive options that you can wear that will give you all the support you need comfortably and discreetly.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our women’s sportswear, we’ve got fabulous styles in a variety of colours and prints that you’re sure to love. Finish off your activewear refresh with a comfortable and practical pair of our women’s trainers.