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Women's Pleated Skirts

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Women's Pleated Skirts

Pleated skirts are a great addition to your wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down depending on the situation and give instant style points to your outfit. Why not choose a t-shirt and heels for the about town fashionista look, or a feminine top and heels for a stylish choice for an event or work? However, you decide to accessories a pleated skirt is a go to for a cool and confident look.

When getting your wardrobe summer ready it’s always a good idea to cover the basics. When wearing strappy tops and cami-dresses do you have the right bras for the look? If you’re not sure then consider checking out our range, we have invisible bras as well as bralettes, perfect for summertime. When it comes to getting the rest of your summer clothing sorted, don’t worry we have you covered. From summer accessories like wedge flip flops and macrame bags to fun denim shorts you can be sure you’ll find the right items for you. For anyone looking to spend some time at the beach or poolside then you’ll want to make sure your ladies swimwear is up to date. Our range of swimsuits, wetsuits and bikini top and bottoms means you’ll be spoilt for choice no matter if it’s a dip in the sea, or an afternoon sunbathing your planning on.

Unfortunately, it can’t be all play, for the times we need to work, the range at Tu has everything you’ll need too. From smart blouses to black trousers for women you can be sure you’ll stay stylish while at the office too.