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Kit out your wardrobe with Fatface clothing and embrace British weather while looking fabulous. Whether you’re after jumpers to tackle a sudden nip in the air or sunglasses for unexpected bursts of sunshine, we have a great collection that’s both functional and fashionable.

Check out our collection of women's raincoats, available in beautiful prints, bold colours and trendy styles featuring soft fleece lining to keep you warm. And choose a faux fur trim for an added layer of warmth. Whether you’re caught in a surprise rain shower or heading out fully prepared for a drizzly day, these raincoats will help you stay dry and cosy.

Wet weather also demands sturdy footwear. Our range of wellington boots is crafted to keep your feet dry and muck-free. Choose from leopard prints, polka dots, floral prints and more to add flair to your all-weather outfit. Don’t forget to check out our selection of kids' wellington boots, built to withstand the typical rigours of childhood escapades from puddle jumping to muddy play, so they can step out in comfort and style.

If you’re seeking versatile outerwear, our men's shackets are sure to stand out. A fusion between shirt and jacket, they’re excellent for days when the weather teeters between sunny spells and chilly breezes. However, for more damp conditions, our men's waterproof jacket is ideal. They combine resilient waterproofing with a sleek design, so that you can face the rain without sacrificing your sense of style.

For your younger ones, we have a stunning collection of boys' sweatshirts. Made from breathable and cotton-rich fabrics, they’re ideal for both classroom and playground. Their designs seamlessly transition from casual to smart-casual, making them versatile additions to any wardrobe. And our boys' zip up hoodie is a nod to both style and comfort. Available in various designs, from quirky to understated, this hoodie offers warmth and fashion in one cosy package.

As the British summer arrives, shift to breezier footwear. Our girls' sandals range has a wide array of options, including playful beach-ready clogs and more subtle sliders for relaxed strolls. And for occasions demanding a touch of elegance, our girls' white sandals will make an impeccable choice.

For sun-drenched days and balmy evenings, we have the girls' maxi dress. They're awash with vivid prints, hues and their relaxed fit ensures comfort, while their design resonates with the vibrant energy of summer. Whether worn with sandals or standalone, they offer a stylish and comfy summertime.