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Girls Jumpers & Cardigans

Girls Jumpers & Cardigans

Give your little one a knitwear refresh with our jumpers and cardigans. Layer up with our adorable knits that will give her a spring in her step. Style with fun prints on leggings and trousers to finish off their outfits with added details.

Girls' Jumpers & Cardigans

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Girls Jumpers & Cardigans

With unpredictable weather being a common theme in the UK it’s a good idea to have layering options when kitting out the kids in their everyday wear. So why not have a look at our girls jumpers and cardigans range? We’ve got some great pieces in a variety of styles. From chunky thick knit jumpers that are great for the colder seasons, to lighter cardigans, hoodies and sweatshirts for the just in case it rains days. Whether you’re looking for colourful and fun patterns or neutral essentials, we’ve got what you need to keep the kids wrapped up and cosy when they need it. For extra layers why not shop our range of girls socks and tights so they’re kept cosy from their heads down to their toes.

When the wet weather rolls around keep them protected from the cold with their new knitwear essentials and from the wet with a shiny new pair of girl’s wellies. There’s no better moment than being able to jump in muddy puddles with your clean new wellies on, keep the wet at bay whilst they splash away.

When the winter months roll in make sure they’re layered up with some essential girl’s winter accessories. So, come rain or shine, you can still carry on with your day, layer up with a chunky knit, a pair of jeans and comfy shoes and they’re ready to face the cold.

Getting Christmas Ready

You can never be to early to get into the festive mood so why not browse our Christmas shop. Whilst we knit your favourite Christmas jumpers and sew your cosy Christmas pyjamas, you can sit back and browse all our other Christmas Gift options to make sure you are ready for the big day!